My Plan

  • Protecting our environment

    I am passionate about protecting and preserving Bournemouth's beautiful surroundings. In particular, our stunning coastline is the jewel in Bournemouth's crown and is what draws millions of visitors to the town every year and contributes a significant amount in tourism revenue to our local economy.

  • Supporting local businesses

    As the MP for Bournemouth East, one of my priorities is to continue supporting local businesses and work to increase local job opportunities. This includes tourism which is one of the biggest employment sectors in Bournemouth, and which could be badly affected if the plans for the Navitus Bay Wind Farm go ahead. 

  • Improving local infrastructure

    I am determined to continue improving local infrastructure in Bournemouth East. As our tourism industry continues to grow it is vital that transport access to the town remains suitable and is continually reviewed and improved. I have therefore campaigned heavily for access improvements to Pokesdown Station in Boscombe - securing meetings with the Transport Minister Baroness Kramer and with the rail industry, and hand-delivering a petition directly to Downing Street.

  • Keeping our streets safe

    As a popular seaside resort for visitors, it is important that residents feel safe and are able to enjoy living in our beautiful location. Boscombe is an area that is often discussed due to its reputation as an area with higher-than-usual levels of unregulated rehabilitation providers and support housing facilities, and many residents have raised concerns over crime and substance abuse levels in the area.

  • Continued support for elderly people

    Bournemouth has a higher population of elderly people than some other areas and our previous Conservative-led government ensured that they are protected and supported as much as possible.