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Regardless of party, difficult decisions MUST be made about where and how we allocate our funds. With that in mind, I want to share MY priorities for OUR area:

1) Keeping YOU & YOUR family safe

Safety has always been one of my top priorities. I have worked hard to ensure that Bournemouth has received the extra police funding and support it needs, including securing a fully-funded Violence Reduction Unit for our town. But more can always be done, here is MY PLAN to keep YOU safe:

  • Increase frontline policing & local presence by training more officers and getting them out on the street.
  • Utilising the Violence Reduction Unit I secured for Bournemouth to tackle knife crime. This involves working within the community, with local businesses and stakeholders, to create a tailored-local plan for our streets as well as getting officers into schools and youth groups to educate our children
  • Cracking down on Shoplifting with tougher legislation and new facial recognition technology. As well as 'tagging' repeat offenders. 
  • Tougher sentences for those choosing to carry knives or behaving in a threatening manner in public spaces. 
  • Restructuring our highstreets to increase open space and prevent back alleyway crime.

2) Committing to a CLEANER - GREENER town

Climate change is not for the next generation to solve, but for us. We all need to play our part, and that includes Bournemouth which is overdue a comprehensive Green Plan - which could include: 

  • Collaborate with local stakeholders to deliver a comprehensive, sustainable ‘Green Plan’ for Bournemouth.
  • Encourage local shops to BAN single-use plastic bags.
  • Increasing Electric Vehicle car parking - to encourage residents and to move to more sustainable methods of transport that is better for our environment.
  • Working with Water Companies to build larger storage capacities, preventing overflow into our water, and to continue to monitor the quality of our bathing waters.
  • Fighting against overdevelopment on our Greenbelt - including NOT building another flyover. 
  • Widening our seafront with help from the Environment Agency and using the added space to provide dedicated cycle ways to join up our cycle paths - so you can ride all the way along the coast - leaving safe and clear space for others to enjoy the promenade.

3) Improving our ROADS & PARKING strategy 

Bournemouth is becoming over-congested and finding suitable parking is increasingly difficult - we need to fix this with a longer term transport plan which recognises that as a seaside town, tourism is integral to our economy and people will come here by car. We need a better strategy to support this - here is MINE:

  • Restoring our roads - Ensuring potholes are fixed in a timely manner and to a high standard to prevent repeat work.
  • Fighting against a 'default' speed limit of 20mph across the area and other Anti-Car policies. Applying local referendums to new 20mph zones and low traffic neighbourhoods. 
  • Standing up to the sale of our vital car parks, but instead increasing the availability of Electric Vehicle charging points.  
  • Increased parking fines for visitors who park on double yellow lines, blocking in local residents and restricting the free-flow of traffic. 

4) Supporting YOUR family

I have lived in Bournemouth for over 22 years. I live here with my family and I share your values. I understand the importance of our local communities. I have engaged with and helped thousands of residents, and worked with community groups and charities across the town. Here are a few things I'd like to see to support families:

  • 30 hours of free childcare a week, saving eligible families £6,900 a year. 
  • Lobbying for increased funding to improve Special Educational Needs & Disability provisions in our local schools and stopping the Council abusing their power and wasting money forcing parents to court. 
  • Ensuring our playparks are fixed and our paddling pools stay open!
  • 100,000 high-quality apprenticeships – by curbing rip-off university degrees.
  • Protecting children by banning mobile phone use during the school day and ensuring parents can see what their children are being taught, especially on sensitive matters like sex education. 
  • Ending the unfairness in Child Benefit, by moving to a household system - saving the average family which benefits £1,500. 
  • Working with our local schools and academies to ensure they continue to thrive.

5) Strengthening HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE 

I have worked hard to deliver more than £168 million of capital funding for upgrades to Bournemouth and Poole Hospital as well as pushing for their successful merger. I will continue to fight for more capital funding for Bournemouth to support our ageing population and meet demand, as well as working closely with our local health care providers to support them at source. 

  • 92,000 extra nurses and 28,000 extra doctors – while driving up NHS productivity.
  • Increase NHS spending above inflation every year.
  • Moving care closer to peoples homes through Pharmacy First, new and modernised GP surgeries and more Community Diagnostic Centres.
  • Continue rolling out the Dental Recovery Plan which will unlock 2.5 million more NHS dental appointments.
  • Cut waste & current bureaucracy in the NHS, by cutting the number of managers by 5,500, releasing £550 million for frontline services, and simplifying and streamlining oversight and accountability. 
  • New digital health checks for 250,000 people each year, helping to prevent hundreds of strokes and heart attacks. 
  • I would continue my campaign to introduce a national medal of recognition for our Nurses and Doctors, who do commendable and vital work within our community, similar to service medals received by the Police and Army. 

6) Championing TOURISM & our Local ECONOMY

Tourism and Hospitality is vital for our local economy, generating over £1.3billion each year, supporting hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs. I have always been passionate about this sector because a successful local economy boosts prosperity and delivers for the community, by creating a sustainable income source that funds essential services and infrastructure.

  • Drawing in bigger businesses to Bournemouth (like JP Morgan), which will bring both investment and job opportunities for local people. 
  • Working with stakeholders to deliver a BOLD long-term vision for Bournemouth - strengthening our local economy and giving back to the community. This includes keeping our fantastic Air Festival, which generates over £50 million each year, free for residents and visitors.
  • Backing our Tourism industry which contributes over £1.3 billion to our area per year & lobbying the Council to reinstate a portfolio holder for this area. 
  • Supporting small businesses (SME's) with a business rates support package worth over £4.3 billion over the next 5 years, which will help our highstreets! Including reviewing VAT thresholds, improving access to finance for SME's, retaining key tax incentives and NOT increasing Capital Gains Tax. 
  • Holding stakeholders to account and ensuring they deliver the basics: Timely rubbish collection, fixing potholes, cutting our hedges and upkeeping our green spaces, removing graffiti and chewing gum.

If you like the sound of my plan for Bournemouth East then please come out and support me, Tobias Ellwood, on Thursday 4th July.

Every vote counts. 

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