Continued support for elderly people

Bournemouth has a higher population of elderly people than some other areas and our previous Conservative-led government ensured that they are protected and supported as much as possible.

Since 2010, we have guaranteed the value of the state pension with the 'triple lock', ensuring that the basic state pension rises with either inflation, earnings, or 2.5% - whichever is higher. In addition, we have introduced a Single-Tier State Pension, which will not only simplify the way pensions are worked out but will also benefit women and the self-employed who have previously fared worse under the old system.

We have also protected universal benefits for pensioners such as winter fuel allowances, free TV licences, free bus passes, and free prescriptions, have introduced a cap of £72,000 on paying for your own social care, and giving pensioners more freedom over how they withdraw and spend their pension fund upon retirement by reducing the tax on money withdrawn from their pension pot. This new Conservative government will continue to support the needs of elderly people and I fully support the Prime Minister in doing this.