NHS Parliamentary Awards - Deadline 26th April

Since 1948, the NHS has been the envy of the world. It has delivered huge medical advances and improvements to public health. It is thanks to the NHS that we have all but eradicated diseases such as polio and diphtheria, and pioneered new treatments like the world’s first liver, heart and lung transplant.

The NHS continues to drive innovations in patient care, including mechanical thrombectomy to improve stroke survival, bionic eyes to restore sight, and surgical breakthroughs such as hand transplants. Looking to the future, the NHS is becoming more integrated and investing in new medicines, genetic research and digital technologies like apps and artificial intelligence, which will ensure we continue to live longer and healthier lives.

But none of this would be possible without the skill, dedication and compassion of NHS staff, as well as the many volunteers, charities and communities that support the service – whether it’s the midwives who deliver us into the world, the GPs and pharmacists who advise and treat us, the nurses, doctors and other clinicians who come to our aid when the unexpected happens, the porters who keep our hospitals moving, or the volunteers who give up their time to support and challenge services to improve.

The NHS Parliamentary Awards is our way to thank those extraordinary NHS staff at the frontline who have devoted their lives to caring for us. I’m delighted to be participating in the NHS Parliamentary Awards because I know from speaking to staff and patients in Bournemouth that there are some excellent and innovative things going on locally. Over the next 7 weeks I want to hear about the best of the best.

There are ten categories, covering key areas such as mental health and primary care, as well as a Lifetime Achievement award for someone who has contributed to the success of the NHS for 40 years or more.

Information on how to nominate is available at– http://www.nhsparliamentaryawards.co.uk/how-nominate-0 the nomination window closes on April 26th, so please get them in to me as soon as possible on tobias.ellwood.mp@parliament.uk 




The following is a selection of questions and answers which may be useful in discussing your organisation’s participation with colleagues internally.

Further FAQs will be posted on the www.nhsparliamentaryawards.co.uk website; if you would like to suggest other questions please contact England.externalcomms@nhs.net

Who organises the NHS Parliamentary Awards?

NHS England and NHS Improvement, in partnership with Dods, are running the awards in 2019 to thank staff for their dedication, hard work and commitment by recognising and honouring their achievements.

Why are the Awards only open to individuals or teams based in England?

Responsibility for healthcare in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is devolved to the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly Government respectively. The NHS Parliamentary Awards are run by NHS England and NHS Improvement to celebrate achievements in health care based in England.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone who fits the criteria of the categories can be nominated; they do not need to work for a traditional NHS organisation like a hospital.

What happens with my nomination?

Nominations are shortlisted by senior regional NHS leaders. The regional leaders will provide 7 entries per category for the final shortlist - one entry per NHS region. The shortlist will be published on the NHS Parliamentary Awards website and in The House magazine on 25 June, and will be press released to national and regional media.

A national judging panel will then score each of the shortlisted nominations and select an overall winner for each category.

Do I have to tell the person or people that I am nominating them?

Yes. Nominees should be informed that they are being nominated and involved in their nomination prior to submission.

How should MPs select someone to nominate?

It is up MPs to decide who, if anyone, they wish to nominate for each of the categories, and how best to go about this.

Can multiple MPs nominate the same person or team?

Yes. Lots of services operate across constituency boundaries. While judges will be aware that a nominee has been nominated more than once, this will not be considered as part of the judging criteria.

Can the same organisation be nominated in more than one category?

Yes. Some organisations provide many different services or are involved in many different areas of work. As long as the nominations in each category fit the criteria of said category, they will be considered.

Can one project or team be nominated for multiple categories?

Yes. If you find that a project or programme fits more than one category they can be nominated in all relevant categories. Please read the category criteria closely to ensure that your project or person fits the specific criteria for each award.

Do MPs have to nominate someone for each category?

No, they can choose to nominate someone for one award or someone for each of them.

Can MPs submit multiple nominations for each category?

No. They can only place one submission per category; this can be for an individual and organisation or a team.

How are the awards funded?

The NHS Parliamentary Awards do not cost the NHS anything to run. All costs are met by Dods, who run the programme on behalf on NHS England and NHS Improvement, with support from the Award Sponsors.

Does it cost anything to enter?

No. Neither the nominee nor the nominating MP will be charged. Further, tickets to the awards ceremony, including refreshments, will also be free for shortlisted nominees.

What if my nominee is shortlisted but can’t afford to attend the awards ceremony?

The awards ceremony will take place in the middle of the day to reduce the need for shortlisted nominees to stay overnight. Support for travel may be available where the cost would provide a barrier to attendance.

What if my nominee is shortlisted but can’t afford to attend the awards ceremony?

The awards ceremony will take place in the middle of the day to reduce the need for shortlisted nominees to stay overnight. Support for travel may be available where the cost would provide a barrier to attendance.

Can you supply extra information as appendices, links or graphics?

No. To ensure all nominations are assessed in a consistent manner all nominations must use the same format. We may ask shortlisted nominees for further information after they have been announced for promotional use; this will not be used as part of the judging process.

What is the deadline for nominations and are there extensions?

The deadline for MPs to submit nominations is 26 April. We have urged those seeking their MP’s nominations to send their completed forms to you by 12 April to give you sufficient time to choose and submit your official nominations.

Due to the expected number of nominations and the time required to shortlist and judge them extensions will not be possible.