March 2019 Brexit Updated Response

On Tuesday I voted to leave the EU, with a deal. That is not the actions of someone wanting to remain.  I hoped on Tuesday that common sense would prevail and that we could get to making a dignified exit from the European Union.  We would have control of our laws and our boarders, as ultimately this is what people voted for.

Given the minority government and the challenges of Parliament - along with the diversity of views of what Brexit looks like- we must continue to work to unite a divided Britain.  The success of the Prime Ministers deal on Tuesday would have achieved this.  Sadly we are now met with more uncertainty and division.   We are leaving the European Union but we are not leaving Europe.  Therefore a relationship with our closest neighbours and allies is essential if we are to continue to be the great Nation we are on the world stage.

I have long been concerned about the danger of leaving the EU without a workable deal in place, and I have made that consistently clear with the British public especially my constituents.  With time running out before March 29th the Prime Minister did choreograph events this week to allow subsequent motions to provide more time to secure that important deal which would indeed honour the referendum result including in Bournemouth East.  Parliament has also said that it does not support leaving the EU without a deal and has also voted by a majority of 211 to request a one-off extension from the EU to Article 50 until 30 June 2019.

I am meeting weekly with local businesses in my constituency of Bournemouth East to discuss what Brexit will mean for their future trading and whatever the outcome of the negotiations, I am determined to make the most of the opportunities that leaving the EU presents.