Save King's Park Nursery

King's Park Plant Nursery closed by BCP Council

King's Park Nursery is part of Bournemouth's history. It has been growing beautiful flowers and plants since 1924 to supply our outstanding parks and gardens, contributing to our Green Flag awards and winning national recognition, including an RHS award at Hampton Court Flower Show.

What is the issue

  • In a bid to reduce costs, BCP Council is wrongly turning its attention to leisure, cultural and community assets.
  • These are services and facilities that bring joy to our residents and support communities.
  • This closure will have almost zero impact on the Council's £315m budget as the nursery is barely supported by the council.
  • What is happening to the staff who have dedicated their cultural expertise to the town for many years, contributing to the winning of awards and accolades, adding to Bournemouth's reputation.

Why is Kings Park Plant Nursery Important

  • It has been pivotal to Bournemouth's outstanding floral displays and award winning gardens.
  • The nursery is part of the town's history, it was established in 1924 and has been cherished for decades.
  • It is valued by the residents of Bournemouth as are our outstanding gardens and parks that the nursery supplies.
  • The nursery supports projects that improve heath & well being and supports community groups through its volunteer network.
  • Income is generated from plant sales. It is a thriving nursery that given the opportunity could develop further without any council subsidy.
  • This is a community asset that has been shut down with no consultation with residents who have the right to give their views on the closure of public facilities.
  • Apprenticeship opportunities to young people will be lost. 

What is happening now

  • Large vehicles are parking overnight alongside the closed nursery site, increasing the risk of attracting fly campers.
  • The absence of daily activity on the site will potentially make it a haven for Anti-Social Behaviour.

How you can get involved

  • Keep an eye out for fly camping and ask and report it to the council 
  • Join my petition to the Council to save the Nursery



Save King's Park Nursery

I support the petition to save King's Park Nursery

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