Voting Information: General Election 2017!

Last week Prime Minister Theresa May went to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen and ask her to formally dissolve Parliament. This happened on the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd May which means that campaigning for the General Election on Thursday 8th June is officially now underway! Until the election results are announced, there are officially no MPs so I am no longer the Bournemouth East MP, but will now spend the next few weeks campaigning for re-election. It would be an honour to be chosen once again as the Bournemouth East MP.

I thought it might be helpful to provide the following information for those wishing to vote on June 8th, particularly those in Bournemouth for whom the below information is especially relevant:

- You need to register to vote by 22nd May to vote in this election on June 8th. Visit

- If you want a postal vote, you need to fill in the form and return it to Electoral Services at Bournemouth Council by 5pm on Tuesday 23rd May. This includes if you want a proxy to vote by post for you

- If you want a proxy to vote for you in person on election day, you need to have completed the proxy form and returned it to Electoral Services at Bournemouth Council by 31st May

Both of these forms can be found here:…/ElectoralApplicationForms.a…

Please note there is an absolute limit of 2 proxy votes per person, regardless of whether you are related or not.

- If you are going on holiday after 23rd May and need to send a postal vote out before then, you need to have registered your request for a postal vote by 11th May in order for you to get the voting papers in time

- It is important to remember that any form you submit to Electoral Services for this election overrides any previous voting instructions you have given. So if you normally have a postal vote and change your preference this time around, you would need to resubmit your postal vote preference again for future elections.

If you have any questions or difficulties, either look online or get in touch with Electoral Services at Bournemouth Council who should be able to help. You can find them online by visiting:…/ElectionsVoting.aspx