We voted. And participated in one of the biggest democratic exercises in our history, with more than 33 million people having their say. Rightly some decisions are of such magnitude, we cannot leave it just the politicians but must instead listen to the people.

Yet to...

I am glad the government has taken on board the advice offered by those working in the education sector, with regards to the new academy proposals. Following discussions with local councils, teachers, governors and parents, the government will continue to focus on raising the...

(Picture: Tobias meeting with local digital start up Swarm in November 2014)


It seems Bournemouth hits the news again today, with figures in the Daily Telegraph showing it to be the UK's fastest growing digital economy! Testament to the hard work of so many people...

I am delighted with today’s decision from the Minister to reject the plans for a Navitus Bay offshore wind farm in Bournemouth. Local Dorset MPs including myself have consistently and publicly been vocal on the negative impacts that this proposed plans would have had on...

Thank you for your support and trust in re-electing me as the Member of Parliament for Bournemouth East.

I have been very privileged to serve you as your Member of Parliament, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to do so for the next...


I am passionate about protecting and preserving Bournemouth's...
Bournemouth has a higher population of elderly people than some other...
It is vital in Bournemouth that we protect, and continue to invest in...

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We voted. And participated in one of the biggest democratic...
Today the Queen delivered her State Opening of Parliament speech...
I am glad the government has taken on board the advice offered...

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