Trade Bill (Lords Amendments)

I understand concerns regarding standards in future trade agreements. However, I would like to assure people that such concerns are unfounded.

Maintaining safety and public confidence in the food we eat is of the highest priority. Without exception, imports must meet all the relevant UK product rules and regulations. Any future trade agreements must work for UK farmers, businesses, and consumers, and uphold food safety, animal welfare standards, and environmental protection. In addition, when it comes to products imported to the UK – quality, safety and performance will continue to be paramount.

With regard to scrutiny of future trade agreements, the Government is committed to transparency and scrutiny of its trade agreements. The Government has committed to Parliament scrutinising our future trade arrangements. Parliament will be able to inform negotiations, be regularly updated, and will ultimately play its role in the ratification of any new Free Trade Agreement through the process set out in the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010. 

The Government is reflecting on all the changes made to the Trade Bill in the House of Lords and the approach to take in the House of Commons. I look forward to debating the Bill when it returns