The Budget

It’s in the days immediately after the budget speech - when the small print of the Red Book has been scrutinised that the full impact of the budget becomes apparent. And if the newspaper headlines, radio interviews and a very weak Opposition response are anything to go by, this Budget is standing up to scrutiny and is already being recognised as a significant statement of intent, building on this Government’s long-term economic plan of reducing the deficit, creating more jobs and making people more financially secure.

Tobias leads beach clean up

After the horrendous storms Conservative councillors and prospective candidates meet at Boscombe with MP Tobias Ellwood to give a hand in the clean up.

Long Term Economic Plan

The latest Conservative Party Political Broadcast shows how the Conservative long-term economic plan is helping people across the country - helping those who want to work hard and get on in life.  You can see the broadcast here.

The Immigration Debate: Little Englanders vs. Open Doorites?

Migration is a sensitive subject at any time but the end to transitional arrangements with Bulgaria and Romania has seen battle lines drawn between the 'little Englanders' with a seemingly isolationist, anti-EU approach and the 'Open Doorites' justifying an over reliance on migrants to keep Britain working and to remain internationally competitive on the left. As with most arguments of the extremes, common sense lies somewhere in the middle.

Tobias visits Iford Home Park Residents

Tobias has spent time on a number of occasions with residents of Iford Bridge  Home Park evacuated from their homes during the unprecedented storms.

A speech prepared but not given in the Opposition Day Food Banks debate

A speech prepared but not given in the Opposition Day Food Banks debate:
over 60 members requested to speak in this important debate but as Labour chose also to hold a separate debate on A&E’s in the same afternoon many Members were not called to speak. Mr Speaker, 

House of Commons pays to Nelson Mandela

I cannot compete with some of the moving and absolutely amazing stories of personal interaction with Nelson Mandela that we have heard today. I met him only once, along with 5,000 other people, in Trafalgar square in November 2010. His speech was as electrifying as the shirt he was wearing.

Help me to end Scam Mail

We have all received those annoying bits of post declaring that we have won millions, most people throw them away, however, there are some people who respond.