Reflections on the EU Referendum.

We voted. And participated in one of the biggest democratic exercises in our history, with more than 33 million people having their say. 

State Opening of Parliament - Queen's Speech

Today the Queen delivered her State Opening of Parliament speech for 2016 which focused on using the strengthening economy to: deliver security for working people; increase life chances for the most disadvantaged; and, strengthen our national security.


I am glad the government has taken on board the advice offered by those working in the education sector, with regards to the new academy proposals. Following discussions with local councils, teachers, governors and parents, the government will continue to focus on raising the standards and attainment levels of school, ensuring that all schools have the necessary support they need to do this. 

International Comment on the EU Referendum​

The referendum outcome will impact our politics, our economics, our security, our reach and our influence far beyond our own shores. All would agree that foreign voices should refrain from commenting on domestic election campaigns, but it is for this reason that this convention does not, and should not, apply to the EU referendum. 

My thoughts on the EU

For a number of months I have been considering my opinions on our membership of the European Union

For the Fallen

As an ex-soldier myself, this day is especially poignant

Local Council Merger Plans

Recent discussions about a ‘Super Council’, combining Christchurch, Poole, Bournemouth and East Dorset councils, have been hitting the local news headlines

PM Conference Statement today

Today the Prime Minister made a fantastic statement at conference setting out the next years in Government