Debate on a Referendum on Europe

Debates on Europe and the EU are a regular feature in the Parliamentary calendar and rarely get reported beyond the Westminster bubble. Last night’s debate was different as is specifically called for a referendum and prompted the press and public to engage as well. 

A long week at the MOD

As you might guess, morale was low on the fifth floor of the MOD during the week following Party conference, and depreciated by the day. The story broke on the last day of conference and nine days of intense media coverage later, Liam Fox had resigned.

Do not expect Syria to follow in the footsteps of Libya

Libya is now the first Arab Spring country to taste freedom by overthrowing a regime whose dictator had responded to the popular uprising by a magnitude of force. It is too simplistic to say, as some commentators have suggested, that Libya presents a new 'intervention lite' blue print on how to overthrow a tyrant, but much as international media attention will now shift to Syria there are some big differences which suggest the Libya experience is unlikely to be so easily repeated.

Next steps for Libya - avoiding the mistakes of Afghanistan and Iraq

Following protracted interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, the international community will be breathing a collective sigh of relief that this UN backed; expedition-light intervention turns a critical corner. As Op Herrick and Op Telic illustrated, defeating the enemy, difficult though this can be, can prove less of a challenge than keeping the post-conflict peace. Libya will be no exception.

Mindless Riots across England - time to introduce the water cannon?

We have long taken pride in the mature and responsible relationship that exists between police and society in Britain.  Compared to many parts of the world, including the USA, Germany and France, the British (unarmed) bobby on the street has always been more than just a voice of authority.  Our police are as focused equally on the local community where they prevent the causes of crime, as they are on tackling the consequences.

Moordown has a new and worthy memorial

As Bournemouth is a relatively new town, it is easy to walk down the streets of Bournemouth oblivious to some of the historic events that took place on the very spot you might be walking on, but are locked in the passage of time.

Conurbation 2050

When asked to sum up the Conurbation of Bournemouth a number of thoughts come to mind; some positive, others less so. Regardless of this, the character of the Conurbation today is a culmination of decisions and opportunities that have been taken over time. It is also a reflection of those decisions not been taken (possibly for sound reasons at the time), or because ideas failed to gain enough momentum to be implemented.