UK withdrawal from the EU

As we discuss the terms for Brexit with our European counterparts, Theresa May has made it clear that the Government will get the best deal for Britain and is committed to building a country that works for everyone.

Members across Parliament have been and will continue to be listened to when making suggestions to improve legislation relating to the UK’s exit from the EU. As legislators we will work together to ensure that the UK can pursue a smooth and stable exit from the EU. This is ultimately in everyone's interest.

The Government has announced that a new Bill will be introduced to implement the withdrawal agreement, meaning that the deal the UK reaches with the EU can be put directly into UK domestic law. This includes the agreement reached on citizens' rights, any financial settlement and the implementation period.

This also means that Parliament will be given the time to debate, scrutinise and vote on the final agreement made with the EU. This will take place as soon as the deal is agreed upon and before the European Parliament votes on it. There can be no doubt that Parliament will have a full opportunity to have its say on the final agreement.

I continue to be encouraged that the Government is building a national consensus around our negotiating position by engaging with as many organisations, companies and stakeholders as possible. Nobody should believe that the negotiation process will be brief or straightforward. It is going to require significant expertise and a consistent approach. However, I am confident that with Theresa May as our Prime Minister, there is no one better to provide the strong leadership required to form a new partnership with the European Union and build a more global Britain.