UK Parliament Week 2017

I recently had the pleasure of attending UK parliament Week with a number of pupils from Bournemouth Schools at the Town Hall.

Parliament Week offers people across the UK, a real opportunity to engage with Parliament, to discover what motivates people to engage with Parliament and Politics, and to give people the opportunity to discuss and debate topics and issues they are passionate about.

It was a delight to see so many bright pupils engage confidently and effectively in debate on a variety of issues, such as Education and LGBT rights, and I very much enjoyed meeting students to discuss their thoughts and opinions on current affairs and Parliament. It is not easy to stand up and orchestrate your views and opinions to an audience who (especially in Politics) may not necessarily agree with your views or arguments. I was interested to hear the different perspectives and opinions of students, and was impressed at the depth and breadth of conversation that was exchanged.

I believe it is essential that our young and bright minds are actively engaged in Politics and current affairs, and am glad to see that the Parliament Week Festival does just that. Moreover, in hosting events such as these, students and young people are able to practise and develop the skills that will help them in both professional and personal development, such as public speaking and communication in group discussions.

If you are interested in Parliament Week and would like to learn more about the Festival, please see the link to their website below.

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