Strategic Defence and Security Review

As an ex-serviceman myself, I was pleased yesterday to see extra investment and capabilities announced for our military to help us deal with the ever-growing threat of terrorism, both at home and abroad.

Key announcements from the review included;


* Two 5,000-strong 'strike brigades' are to be created by 2025 to help the UK rapidly deploy to 'diverse'

* 'Strike brigades' sourced from existing Army numbers and equipped to deploy across the globe using the Army's new Ajax armoured vehicles.

* A new terror contingency plan, with up to 10,000 military personnel available to support the police in the event of a Paris-style attack

* Nine new Boeing P8 maritime patrol aircraft, filling a gap left by the highly-criticised decision in the last review in 2010 to scrap a new generation of Nimrod aircraft.

* A 10-year extension to the operational lifespan of the RAF's Typhoon jets, until 2040, and upgrade work to give them ground attack capabilities - adding two additional front-line squadrons to the nation's air force.

* Replace the UK's four ballistic missile submarines.

* At least 13 new frigates and two new offshore patrol vessels - including eight Type 26 anti-submarine warfare frigates

* An additional £12bn of equipment spending.

* A new fleet of maritime patrol aircraft.

* Priority is to tackle state-based threats and terrorism, including so-called Islamic State (IS).


* Increase in equipment spending takes total defence spending to £178bn over the next decade.


I applaud our Armed Forces for the fantastic work they do at home and abroad, and sincerely hope these new announcements help to protect them in their work, and to protect citizens against growing threats from groups such as the so-called 'Islamic State'.