PM Conference Statement today

Today the Prime Minister made a fantastic statement at conference setting out the next years in Government, and I fully support his work. Amongst a number of key announcements, significant ones include;


  • Failing social services need to be improved or they will be taken over
  • End discrimination and fight for real equality
  • 500 new free schools and turn all schools into academies and make local authorities running schools a thing of the past
  • Build new prisons that work
  • Build affordable homes to buy not rent
  • Extending the right to buy
  • Doing even more to tackle extremism in community groups, schools and other organisations.
  • Working hard to increase social mobility
  • NHS that’s there seven days a week
  • Additional support and recognition for our armed forces   


I commend the Prime Minister on his commitment to helping to improve our British society and look forward to working with him to make these goals a reality.