This week, Theresa May announced her intention to call a General Election and yesterday, MPs including myself from across the House voted in agreement with her by 522 votes to 13 (a majority of 509). This means that on Thursday 8th June, the UK will be having a General Election.

I am pleased that the British people will now get to have their say on the MPs and the Government they want to represent them as we begin negotiating our exit from the European Union after last year’s historic referendum to leave. I believe a Conservative Government led by Theresa May is the strong leadership we need to get the job done and negotiate the best possible deal for Great Britain. We face many challenges ahead, but one thing is for certain; we need a united Westminster, where MPs and parties work together rather than tear each other apart, to build a better, more prosperous post-Brexit Britain.

It would be an honour to regain my seat and continue to represent the residents of Bournemouth East for the next five years, and that is why I have now written to the Chairman of Bournemouth East Conservative Association to seek re-nomination as their Conservative Candidate for Bournemouth East in this election. It has been a pleasure to serve not only as an MP but as a Minister in this Government, and I hope to see the Conservative Party decisively returned to power on June 8th, with an even stronger mandate to finish the job we started.