Daylight Saving Bill hampered by the Commons' own Flat Earth Society.

Since the eighties it has become a Parliamentary ritual for the House to debate the proposal of permanently moving the clocks forward by one hour, only to see each attempt scuppered by archaic rules which allow individual members, intent on speaking until the proverbial cows come home, to talk the Bill out. In this Parliament things appear different.  See the debate here.

Park Homes Problems

Tobias along with Councillor Williams meets Park Home Residents who are experiencing difficulties with the owners of the park in Iford

2011 – A Watershed Year

Perhaps we are too close to events to appreciate it, but historians may single out 2011 as exceptional, not just for the dramatic events that took place but for the enduring consequences that may result. RA Butler commented that politics is the art of the possible.  2011 saw that unravelling 13 locust years of New Labour would test the limits, both of what Government felt it could do, and of what the people would accept.

Sign the Petition "No to travellers' sites in Bournemouth"

Tobias Ellwood MP is petitioning No 10 Downing Street, the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Town Hall in Bournemouth to overturn the proposal to build three permanent traveller sites on Bournemouth’s Greenbelt.

Media Release

On Friday 11 Nov 2010 at 14:00 hrs Tobias will hand a cheque for £1,500 C.R.U.M.B.S a Boscombe based disability training charity, which offers a workplace, pre-employment programme of learning.

The oldest village in Bournemouth tries to re-establish its roots

I write to add my support for Holdenhurst Village to gain Parish Committee status. The village has a number of characteristics which distinguishes it from other areas in the Unitary Authority. This close knit community has a natural geographic footprint and amenities consistent with any village in England which already has Parish status. It is also set apart from much of the conurbation of Bournemouth and is only accessible by a single road.

Libya – A mistake to kill Gaddafi?

The brutal and very public manner of Gaddafi’s demise has divided opinion in Libya and the West. Should his illegal execution be dismissed as an impulsive act brought about following years of pent up anger, a moment most Libyans thought they would never see? Or perhaps a shrewd, pre-determined calculation that to avoid a lengthy and very public trial (aka Saddam Hussain) Gaddifi must not live?

Debate on a Referendum on Europe

Debates on Europe and the EU are a regular feature in the Parliamentary calendar and rarely get reported beyond the Westminster bubble. Last night’s debate was different as is specifically called for a referendum and prompted the press and public to engage as well. 

A long week at the MOD

As you might guess, morale was low on the fifth floor of the MOD during the week following Party conference, and depreciated by the day. The story broke on the last day of conference and nine days of intense media coverage later, Liam Fox had resigned.