I know that the Government recognises the public's interest in, and the potential environmental value of, e-scooters. But it is also under an obligation to ensure that they are built and can be operated safely, both for their riders and for other road users. While e-scooters can be used on private property (with the landowner's permission), in general it is currently illegal to ride them on the road. This includes in cycle lanes, or tracks, or on the pavement.

My Ministerial colleagues at the Department for Transport (DfT), however, want to encourage and maximise the benefits of innovation in transport, though rightly not at the expense of road safety. So I welcome that through the ambitious 'Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy' the Government is committed to harnessing technological developments so that they make urban journeys safer, greener, easier, more comfortable and more affordable.
I understand that as part of the most significant regulatory review of transport laws in a generation, the DfT is considering the regulatory frameworks for the safe use on the road of e-scooters and other new micromobility vehicles carefully.